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Frequently asked questions

  • Patients seeking treatment not covered by their health insurance plan can make significant savings in respect to the expenses for the private care in the UK or their country of residence.
  • Patients having national health insurance will avoid long waiting lists.
  • Patients with private health insurance can find it more economical to pay for the procedure themselves. Furthermore, their no-claim bonus will not be affected.
  • Significantly lower risk of hospital-acquired infections, including MRSA.

As a member of the EU, Bulgaria applies EU laws and directives for best medical practice in all medical facilities and by all medical staff. Bulgaria offers at a competitive price:

  • Highly skilled and experienced physicians and surgeons.
  • Bulgarian surgeons are recognised to be amongst the most experienced modern surgeons . They routinely adopt many innovative technology and operative techniques at outset.
  • The surgeons with whom Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner work are amongst the most sought after, therefore the number of surgeries they are performing is significantly above the average of for the country.  Hence, they have notably richer exposure to clinical cases both in amount and variety.
  • Modern, well-equipped hospitals.
  • Zero to very low rate of hospital-acquired infections in the private medical facilities.
  • No waiting time.
  • Caring for our patients is at the heart of what we do!
  • Being a Bulgarian based and operating company, we have the advantage of receiving extensive, continuously updated, insider knowledge of the medical professionals and facilities in the country.
  • Our medical consultants advise us on the most relevant surgeons and hospitals related to your medical condition and we communicate with them so that they can assess your case.
  • We take into account all your requests and needs and organise all aspects of your trip accordingly.
  • Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner looks after your comfort and convenience throughout the whole length of your medical travel, so your anxiety is moderated.
  • We have a dedicated follow-up team, who is at your disposal to answer your post-operative questions regarding the undergone medical procedure in coordination with your surgeon, upon your return home, for a period of three months.
  • Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner always goes the extra mile to do things right.

Yes, a representative of Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner travels to London regularly to meet clients. Feel free to enquire and we will be happy to coordinate a suitable arrangement for you as soon as possible.

We are specialized in immediate loading basal dental implantology, minimally invasive knee and hip endoprosthetics, keyhole abdominal surgeries and plastic surgeries, but we are capable of offering a broader range of treatments, health screening and diagnostics. If you are looking for treatment not listed on our website, please feel free to contact us. We will advise if we are in a position to provide you with a high-quality care for your condition.

Some of our partners are in a position to handle emergency cases. The remaining medical providers transfer the patient to hospitals having emergency units.

Emergency care for life-threatening conditions is free of charge in Bulgaria. All hospitals are obliged to treat every patient regardless of insurance status, nationality or ability to pay. Please be aware that there is a strict definition of life-threatening condition, hence not all conditions you might think qualify as life-threatening are such by the legal definition. The treatment is free of charge until the patient is stabilised which means that once transferred from the Emergency Ward to a particular Ward, expenses are chargeable.

All EU citizens can use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles them to receive free of charge medical treatment on a temporary stay abroad that becomes necessary and can’t wait until they return home. This includes the post Emergency Ward care in the life-threatening cases. If they cannot present this card, they still will receive treatment; but they may have to pay for their treatment at discharge and will be able to seek reimbursement at a later date if they have a valid card. All other citizens shall pay the price for the non-life threatening medical assistance at discharge.

The rate of hospital-acquired infections at our partner hospitals and clinics (including MRSA) is zero to very low, compared to hundreds of cases reported each month in the NHS.

Although going abroad for medical treatment is your choice and decision, we advise customers to inform their GP of the planned medical travel. We advise that you should present your GP with your medical files related to your treatment in Bulgaria upon your return home.

We strongly recommend that you seek the professional opinion of at least two surgeons of your choice in your own country before making your decision.

As soon as you have an available date, please proceed with the reservation promptly. Early booking permits the best planning of your medical travel. Depending on the medical treatment you can wait between one and three weeks.

Reservation is confirmed upon the receipt of the requested deposit.

The type of medical data needed depends on the treatment you seek. It is essential that you provide us with all available relevant information so the doctor can assess your case most accurately. You will be advised about an additional examination that may be required before your arrival in Bulgaria. All the required supporting pre-operative examinations, planned based on the presented medical file before your arrival in Bulgaria, will be conducted in Bulgaria. Their cost is included in your offer.

Please be aware that in the very unlikely situation during the course of the medical treatment, examinations or interventions additional to those planned may be required. You will be promptly informed about their nature and any potential cost.

  • Per Bulgarian hospital practice during the stay at the hospital, the patient is 24/7, monitored by doctors and nurses. The patient is assigned a personal doctor in charge, who is constantly aware of the patient’s condition and is at their disposal. Daily there are at least two mandatory doctor’s rounds to perform a health check in the morning and monitor the patient’s condition in the evening. The doctor in charge suggests when the patient is ready to be discharged, while the department chief doctor approves it. The discharge letter is signed by both the doctor in charge and the department chief doctor.
  • During your stay at the medical facility, your Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner personal assistant will be available to you daily for your convenience, following the hospital regulations for visitors. Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner assures you that you can easily opt to undertake medical travel without the need of having an accompanying person. We will do our best, so you feel the comfort of being treated in your home country.
  • After the surgery, your doctor will give you a post-operative advice to follow so the best results from the surgery are achieved.
  • Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner will assist you if needed, with acquiring the medications prescribed by your surgeon after your discharge.
  • Your surgeon and Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner are always available to answer any queries after the surgery has taken place.

All implants used hold ISO standard and have a clear origin. All implants are CE certified (they have been controlled by an independent organism and their quality respects sanitary norms). In addition, a certificate of conformity is given to you for every implant placed. The immediate loading basal implants are made of titanium and are produced in Switzerland. The classical implants are in the wide spectrum, all produced by reputable companies, mainly German and Swiss.

Following the recommendation made by the dentist is highly advisable. If this is the case and no axillary complication of other origin accrue, the immediate basal implants have a lifetime guarantee. Regarding the classical implants, they have some minor percentage of rejection.

The dental work has twenty-four months guarantee. During this period in case of complications, the chance to salvage the implant is very high.

The brand our partners use is Zimmer Biomet.

Yes, the rehabilitation is included in the cost. For knee and hip replacement surgery, for example, you will stay eight days (seven nights) at the hospital, and you will have appropriate rehabilitation. You will be discharged only when it is safe, and you are capable of travelling back home.  During this time, no hotel is required unless for your travel partner.

Depending on your surgery and particular case you will remain in the hospital for a period of time so the post-operative treatment can take place and your recovery progress will be monitored. Upon your discharge you will be able to fly back home. If you decide to leave before the recommended recovery time, then this might compromise any guarantees given.

All of our partner surgeons speak English. All hospitals have staff who speak English and would be able to communicate freely with you.

By the Bulgarian Law all, official documents are issued in the Bulgarian language. Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner will arrange so that your medical file will be translated into English by a sworn translator. You will be in possession of them upon your departure. Please note that the express translation takes four hours. The informed consent forms for foreign patients are usually bilingual Bulgarian/English. When the forms are available only in the Bulgarian language, you will be offered a copy of their official English version prepared by the medical facility. In the latter case, Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner has also prepared for you copies of the official translation of the original Bulgarian documents made by a sworn translator.

It is your responsibility to have the appropriate travel documents. For EU countries, a valid passport or national ID card is sufficient. EU citizens may stay in Bulgaria for up to three months in any six-month period from the date of the first entry, without the need to have a visa. For periods longer than 90 days, they need to register with the local police and obtain a legal permit to stay. For other nationalities, you should contact the Bulgarian Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence to obtain the necessary information.

Standard trip or travel medical insurance policies do not provide coverage if you are travelling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. We recommend that you opt for a specialist ”enhanced medical” insurance policy. You can find out more about such insurance at the Treatment Abroad site as well as at Medical Travel Shield.

As EU citizen in case of unexpected illness, you are entitled to any medical treatment that can’t wait until you return home. We strongly recommend that you always have EHIC card when travelling abroad as it will entitle you to a free emergency medical care. If you do not have such, you will not be refused treatment, but you may have to pay upfront the non-life-threatening conditions and claim reimbursement once you get home if you have a valid card.

If you wish to be accompanied by a member of your family or a friend, they come at their own expense but benefit from the same special hotel price.

Depending your medical case you can have an excursion prior or after your treatment. We are happy to organise this for you following authorisation from your doctor. Dental patients can benefit from single day excursions on the third and fourth day of their treatment as they will be required to visit the dentist at the end of the working day, which allows accommodating a whole day trip. You can find more information in the Leisure section page.

Although it is not our practice to arrange your flights, we can assist you with this upon your request. We can arrange door to door service for residents in the United Kingdom.

  • All the medical costs, including the surgeon’s fee, are paid to the medical care provider.
  • All expenses related to your concierge are paid to Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner. We liaise with the other parties to confirm details of your accommodation and all included services.

No. Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner is an independent company. We do not work exclusively with any hospital or hospital group.

Following a dialogue with us, we will, where possible, accommodate any special requirements. Please let us know of such requirements so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

If you have any further queries, please contact us and we will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.