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Aftercare and Follow Up

Care and treatment of convalescent patient

Following your treatment and visit to Bulgaria, you will feel fit and well enough to travel home. Below you will find information on how we ensure your recovery is as pain-free and rapid.


During the stay in Bulgaria

As a dental patient, you will not be hospitalized. As a patient who has undergone either an orthopaedic or keyhole surgery, you will have your convalescence period entirely in the hospital. This is in order your recovery to be contentiously monitored and those patients that have had orthopaedic surgery to obtain the full rehabilitation program. When you are ready to return to your hotel / go home, you will receive a list of postoperative instructions, and the doctor will personally and clearly explain how to proceed with these in order to achieve the best results. Upon discharge, all necessary medical documentation will be handed to you.


After your return home

A representative from Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner will get in touch with you upon your return home and will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have regarding post-operative information, by coordinating with your physician. If necessary, direct contact (by phone or e-mail) with the surgeon in Bulgaria will be arranged.


Post operative check ups

A given time after any surgery the patient condition is evaluated by the surgeon in order to confirm the final result.

Dental patients are asked to send a panoramic x-ray six months after the surgery and to personally visit the dental surgeon after one year.

Orthopaedic patients are required to send two x-ray pictures (front and profile) of the operated joint as well as to submit the filled up orthopaedic score questionnaire one month after the surgery.

Keyhole patients are required to carry out a follow-up check up after three months. This check up is a standard procedure and is needed in order to evaluate the surgery result and the healing process. It is preferable to come back to Bulgaria for a second time for this evaluation. You will undergo a specific to your surgery medical tests. These tests can be: full blood count, an X-Ray with Barium Swallow, Ultrasound examination, CT. Upon their completion you will be examined by your surgeon and will have a discussion with him. If you opt to not come back to Bulgaria, you will be sent a questionnaire for completion. In addition, you will be asked to send the results of the prescribed tests. Upon their examination by your surgeon a telephone/video call with the doctor will be scheduled. Regarding the cost of the keyhole patients check up tests, please visit the Keyhole surgery section from our services.


Guarantee if proven complication (linked directly to the procedure undergone)

If complications (linked directly to the procedure undergone) happen when you are still in Bulgaria, all support and medical services are provided in Bulgaria and costs paid by Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner and the doctor (or where applicable the hospital).

If complications arise after the return to your home country (after spending the required convalescence period in Bulgaria) and if further surgery proves necessary, Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner will bear the cost of the stay and flight expenses up to the initial flight cost. The doctor (or where applicable the hospital) will bear the costs of surgery (including hospitalisation) needed for a second surgery in Bulgaria. This warranty covers only the patient.