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Half Day Trips

Sofia Half Day Tour

Cultural and Sightseeing

Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe, founded 7,000 years ago by the Thracian tribe Serdi. It is the biggest city of Bulgaria and the country’s capital. The town centre, however, is compact and packed with archaeological sites, architectural, historical and cultural monuments.

All of Sofia’s major highlights will be presented to you in a comprehensive and interactive way.

The tour will include: Boyana Church, Alexander Nevski Square for a visit of the largest Cathedral on the Balkans, the Russian church, the National Theatre and its garden, the Rotunda (round church) St.George, the Roman remains and St. Nedelya church square.

Recommended period: All year round.
Driving time: 45m approximately.
Walking time: 3h 00m approximately.

Handicap accessible: Yes, fairly accessible.
Special Requirements: Comfortable shoes.

Boyana Church (UNESCO) and Vitosha Mountain

Cultural and Sightseeing, Mountain Walking

The tour commence with a visit to the only UNESCO World Heritage monument in the vicinity of Sofia – Boyana Church which is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church. The east wing was originally constructed in the late 10th century, and then the central wing was added in the 13th century. The church owes its world fame mainly to its frescoes from 1259. A total of 89 scenes with 240 human images are depicted on the walls of the church. The church is small in size and it only takes 30 minutes to visit, but its frescoes have an enormous contribution to the world history of art.

Vitosha is a mountain in the outskirts of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is one of the tourist’s symbols of Sofia and the nearest site for skiing, hiking, walking or rock climbing. Vitosha has the outlines of an enormous dome. The mountain emerged as a result of volcanic activity and has been subsequently shaped by the slow folding of the granite rock layers and a series of gradual uplifts of the area. The territory of the mountain includes Vitosha Nature Park and is the oldest nature park on the Balkans. Cherni Vrah (“Black Peak”) is the highest point of the mountain at 2290 metres (7513 feet) and is one of 10 peaks of Vitosha over 2000 metres (6562 feet) in height.First you will be able to

The tour will include: After visiting the Boyana Church you will have a short drive to the TV Tower Kopitoto from where you will be able to have a great view over the city of Sofia. Afterwards another drive will bring you to Zlatni Mostove or Golden Bridges area to enjoy the beautiful “stone river” or “moreni river”. A short walk around can be made in the woods, up along the stones or to the picnic area of Momina Skala (Virgin’s Rock).

Driving time: 2h 00m approximately.
Walking time: 5h 30m approximately.

Handicap accessible: Yes, fairly accessible.
Special requirements: Comfortable shoes, warm clothes, snacks, sandwiches, a bottle of water.