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Patients’ Rights And Obligations

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone who uses medical care has rights and indispensabilities. Patients’ rights vary in different countries and in different jurisdictions! Although still not having a developed and established European legislation on this matter, the summary of patients’ rights is reflected in the European Charter of Patients’ Rights. Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner would like to rise your awareness and therefore provides you with this charter as well as with the generic patient’s responsibilities.


European Charter of Patients’ Rights


1. Right to Preventive Measures

Every individual has the right to a proper service in order to prevent illness.

2. Right of Access

Every individual has the right of access to the health services that his or her health needs require. The health services must guarantee equal access to everyone, without discriminating on the basis of financial resources, place of residence, kind of illness or time of access to services.

3. Right to Information

Every individual has the right to access to all kind of information regarding their state of health, the health services and how to use them, and all that scientific research and technological innovation makes available.

4. Right to Consent

Every individual has the right of access to all information that might enable him or her to actively participate in the decisions regarding his or her health; this information is a prerequisite for any procedure and treatment, including the participation in scientific research.

5. Right to Free Choice

Each individual has the right to freely choose from among different treatment procedures and providers on the basis of adequate information.

6. Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

Every individual has the right to the confidentiality of personal information, including information regarding his or her state of health and potential diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, as well as the protection of his or her privacy during the performance of diagnostic examinations, specialist visits, and medical/surgical treatments in general.

7. Right to Respect of Patients’ Time

Each individual has the right to receive necessary treatment within a swift and predetermined period of time. This right applies at each phase of the treatment.

8. Right to the Observance of Quality Standards

Each individual has the right of access to high quality health services on the basis of the specification and observance of precise standards.

9. Right to Safety

Each individual has the right to be free from harm caused by the poor functioning of health services, medical malpractice and errors, and the right of access to health services and treatments that meet high safety standards.

10. Right to Innovation

Each individual has the right of access to innovative procedures, including diagnostic procedures, according to international standards and independently of economic or financial considerations.

11. Right to Avoid Unnecessary Suffering and Pain

Each individual has the right to avoid as much suffering and pain as possible, in each phase of his or her illness.

12. Right to Personalised Treatment

Each individual has the right to diagnostic or therapeutic programmes tailored as much as possible to his or her personal needs.

13. Right to Complain

Each individual has the right to complain whenever he or she has suffered harm and the right to receive a response or other feedback.

14. Right to Compensation

Each individual has the right to receive sufficient compensation within a reasonably short time whenever he or she has suffered physical or moral and psychological harm caused by a health service treatment.


Patients’ Obligations


1. Treatment Obligations

Patients are required to follow and successfully complete the whole treatment regimen.

2. Disclosure Obligation

Patients are required to truthfully give her/his exact and detailed medical history to the medical staff.

3. Co-Operation Obligation

Patients are required to abide by hospital rules and respectfully consider other patients well being.

4. Remuneration Obligation

Patients are required to pay the bill throughout her/his whole consultation and treatment procedure


Obligations of patients under the age of 18 are borne by their parents, guardians or trustees or people under the definitions of Art. 162, para. 3 of the Law on Health Care.