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Price Guide

Price Comparison

In this section, you can obtain an idea about medical expenditure.

All the facilities we work with comply with the highest European standards and are equipped with the latest technology. You will be treated by outstanding top-notch medical professionals with extensive relevant experience and high-quality, compassionate service. Please be confident that the lower price is only due to Bulgaria’s economic condition and does not have a bearing on the quality provided.

Below you can find an illustration of the differences in prices for medical treatment between Bulgaria, UK and other medical tourist destination. Price examples for private healthcare in the UK have been based on publicly available information at the time.

The prices below are based on average rates and are subject to change. The total medical costs can vary depending on potential implant options, service upgrades and due to medical reasons.

Medical TreatmentsUK private healthcareOur prices*Your savings
Knee replacement£ 14,150£ 6,030£ 8,120
Hip replacement **£ 13,280£ 4,840 – £ 7,230***£ 8,440 – £ 6,050
Keyhole Gallbladder Removal£ 6,932£ 2,000£ 4,932
Keyhole Inguinal hernia repair£ 3,980£ 1,760£ 2,220
Keyhole Anti-reflux surgery£ 6,950£ 3,700£ 3,250
Keyhole-Gastric bypass £ 12,420£ 5,780£ 6,640
Dental implant + crown£ 2,800£ 419 - £ 655£ 2,381 - £ 2,145
8-10 Immediate Basal Dental Implants + 12-14 crowns
(whole jaw replacement)****
£ 22,525£ 4,264 - £ 5,936 £ 18,261 - £ 16,589

* Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner prices are fixed in Euros and are converted to GBP at the time of booking your procedure.

** UK price for hip replacement is available only for the conventional (the lateral side) approach.The Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner price is for the Minimally Invasive Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Approach, that keeps the muscles intact, hence provides the potential for less pain, faster recovery and improved mobility. This technique is the more expensive than the conventional lateral side approach.

*** Price varies depending on model of Zimmer implant chosen.

**** UK price for full jaw restoration is for conventional implants, while the BMT Partner price is for the Immediate Basal Dental Implants that are placed in one go.


The price of your stay and service depends on the duration of your visit, as well as on your particular requirements. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us for an estimate based on your particular case.

If you are UK (or EU) insured, and your medical procedure is covered by the NHS (or your respective EU health care authorities), your medical expenses will be refunded by the NHS (the respective EU health care officials) as per the EU Directive on cross-border healthcare. You can find more on this topic in our section EU Reimbursement.