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If you have used our services, we invite you to let us share the impressions left by your stay with us in Bulgaria.

Vesselina Iv. Dimova

Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner’s: Vesselina is an indispensable assistant and friend, for anyone contemplating a visit to Bulgaria, for any medical or dental procedure – the prospect of which can be somewhat daunting even if you have the suitable language skills.

Vesselina assisted me in all the arrangements for my visit to the excellent dental centre in Sofia. Her communication skills are wonderful, and her friendliness and efficiency made the whole stay much easier. All my queries were answered promptly, and to have her accompany me to the clinic for each appointment was a huge help.

I can, unreservedly, recommend Vesselina and Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner.

Lyn Lewis, United Kingdom
Dental Implants

My sister and I recently returned from Bulgaria (literally 3 days ago) following dental treatment. We were very happy with the level of treatment we received so much so that I decided to get more work done than I originally had planned. The work I had done included crowns, implants, and whitening and the cost was less than half the price of New Zealand dental costs. Although I did not know anything about Bulgaria and the medical profession there, I was quickly put at ease by the responses from Vesselina who always replied to my emails and questions. Not only did Vesselina answer my questions she even went as far as to meet us at the airport, liaise with the manager of our Air BnB, accompany us to every appointment so we had a translator there and booked the necessary taxis. She even helped us book a restaurant and get necessary medication when needed. Vesselina was so helpful and a joy to deal with. We admire her work ethic and commitment to ensuring all patients are well cared for. Thank you Vesselina.

Ms Pania Te Whaiti, New Zealand
Dental Implants, Zirconia Crowns, Whitening

My wife and I have just had dental implants.We are so pleased with the results and we can highly recommend Bulgaria medical partners.We were met at the airport and every visit to the dental practice we were escorted. The treatment we received was second to none and all the staff were very  friendly and professional and genuinely wanted us to be 100 percent satisfied with our new teeth.We would like to thank Vesselina especially for her personal involvement in looking after us throughout the trip a very caring and warm person.

Lynn and Stuart Maclean, United Kingdom
Full mouth restoration

I used Bulgaria Medical Travel Partners for recent Dental Treatment.

From the initial Consultation to completion of the treatment BMTP took the stress of the every day tasks and let me concentrate on my treatment and recovery. Not that there was anything to worry about there. BMTP are very careful with their Partner Clinics. My treatment was to be the Basal Implant system, I was unaware of this treatment until my contact with BMTP. In short they put 18 months of dental work in to a 3/4 procedure. Day 1: Six extractions, so the dentist had a blank canvas, so to speak. The metal implants were loaded immediately. I had 18 metal implants loaded, and there’s more. I also had plastic surgery to my upper and lower gums. This was in order for the teeth to blend naturally with gums so that there are no visible signs of any Dental work. All of this took place in less than four hours in the chair. You may well ask about the pain. I can honestly say that the pain was moderate. I had my own strong pain killers, although the clinic also give you a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics. The first day finished for me the hardest part was done. Transport back to my hotel was provided. The next day, I was again collected from my hotel and taken to the dental clinic. The pain had decreased and I was ready for my next stage. This consisted of preparation of the metal implants to receive the actual teeth. Day two also saw impressions taken for my new teeth. The latest ultra scanning equipment was used for this, no corners were being cut at all. I was in the chair on day two for less than three hours. Day three and any pain had subsided into mild uncomfort. Today consisted of more preparation and a trial fitting and more scans. A couple of hours at most and I was back in my hotel excited for day four and the fitting of my new teeth, upper and lower. Day four and any discomfort had disappeared and Two hours later I was walking out of the door with my new teeth and new found confidence.

I can’t recommend BMTP and its partner clinic enough the organisation and professionalism of all concerned was very impressive. The quality of my work is exceptional and all done in approximately twelve hours spread over four days. To you people out there who are having second thoughts on Bulgaria and BMTP, don’t. The clinic is absolutely spotless above the specification of any UK dentist that I have used. Why suffer the traditional implant process for eighteen long months. Basal Implants with BMTP was over, done and dusted in four days. You can easily take a week off work and be back at work the following Monday. Did I forget to mention at half the price of the same treatment in the U. K.

Ian Hughes, United Kingdom
Full mouth restoration

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