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Travel Process Guide

How we work

We offer a selected range of treatments, health screening and diagnostics. If you are looking for a treatment not listed on our website, please feel free to contact us. We will advise you if we are in a position to provide you with a high quality of care for your condition.

If you are interested in undergoing a particular medical procedure in Bulgaria, please send us the enquiry form.

In general the case evaluation procedure has the following two stages:

  • The first is collecting basic information regarding your condition, needs, and requirements with the aim to properly assess your case. We communicate with the doctor who evaluates your medical file and presents his preliminary conclusion and treatment plan, which we convey to you by e-mail. We will also send you the general estimate of the medical and non-medical costs associated with the treatment, with no commitment. In addition, the professional CV and credentials of your surgeon as well as a presentation of the medical facility will be e-mailed to you. We aim to ensure that you will be in a possession of the information mentioned above within 72 hours, during the working week.
  • If you are interested to proceed, we continue to the second stage. At this stage you will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire form so the doctors are aware of any medical issues. If needed a more detailed relevant medical record and travel requirements are requested from you.You are invited to address all your medical queries, and we will return them, by coordinating with your surgeon. If you feel the need to talk directly to your doctor, we could arrange for you a phone or internet contact with most of the doctors while a few are available to reply to your direct e-mails within twenty-four hours. The phase will be concluded only after all your medical considerations are clarified with your surgeon and taken into account. We will be happy to answer all you logistics questions as well. As a result of this stage, a comprehensive treatment offer, treatment letter and travel plan will be sent to you. This stage usually takes up to 72 hours, during the working week.

Once you express readiness to undergo the medical travel offered by us, you will have a seven day cooling off period. Consequent the completion of the cooling off period and receiving your confirmation to proceed with the arrangement of your trip, we will begin to prepare it according to your requests. You will be required to sign the contracts between you and Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner, as well as between you and the medical provider. An itinerary will be sent to you within 72 hours, during the working week.

In Bulgaria your personal assistant will greet you at the airport and will accompany and aid you throughout your medical travel experience till your departure. Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner will offer full door-to-door services for the citizens of the United Kingdom, who can be picked from and dropped off at their home.

After your return home, you will be contacted by a member of our follow-up department, who will be at your disposal to answer all your postoperative questions by coordinating with your surgeon. If necessary, we could arrange a direct contact for you (by phone or e-mail) with your doctor. You will be promptly informed about your forthcoming follow-up examination and Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner will arrange and facilitate that for you.